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Since 2016 being the "más cuencano que el mote" tour

Our Story.

We know that you want to make the most of your time in a new city, that's why we bring you the best Free Walking Tours in Cuenca- Ecuador, since 2016.

Our passionate young and talented hosts bring their city, culture, history, and heritage to life, revealing remarkable, hollow stories and wacky oddities in an advice-based model that allows guests to support and reward only the highest quality tours, and ensure that the tour meets your expectations and your budget; we keep the quality, warmth and fun with you in your stay in the city from the heart of what we love to do. So get ready for a real experience that combines the rural and urban culture of beautiful Cuenca.

What is a Free Walking Tour?.

The free tours or walking free tours are walks that are done on foot, in small groups in the company of a host, through the historic centers of the cities. The latter is also variable because more and more cities are incorporating it, although they are not the most touristy, and because there are more and more options to get to know not only the historic center of the cities but to dare to go a little further.

In general, free tours or free tours last between 2 and 3 hours and have a historical stamp, because the host usually emphasizes the monuments, curiosities, or historical facts of each site.

Those interested have to enter the web and reserve the place. In that same reservation, they are told the meeting point.

The amount of tip (money) you leave on a free tour depends on each one and is a very personal decision. In general, the hosts are usually very good, they add a lot of fun to the journey and tell really interesting things. So it's a good experience and worth acknowledging, the average starting at $ 5.


El tour más cuencano que el mote desde el 2016


Cuenca- Ecuador

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